Elevated Bleachers 5 &10 Row

Elevated Bleachers 5 &10 Row

5-Row and 10-Row Elevated Portable Aluminum Bleachers for Any Outdoor Event

SightlinesBleachers.com provides a wide range of 5-row and 10-row bleachers. Feel free to browse through our extensive line of elevated bleachers, portable enough to be deployed and kept for events that require high-volume school or stadium seating.

Order 10-Row Bleachers for Large Audiences

When there’s a call for more seating, our product line delivers. Our ten-row elevated aluminum bleachers can hold between 104 and 184 people, depending on the model selected. Security features are prominent in all of these designs, including end and rear fencing to prevent fall accidents. Our rugged aluminum bleacher designs are perfect for all kinds of weather and provide the durability you need to ensure years of use.
For inquires, contact SightlinesBleachers.com at 1-800-609-1545. We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have about our aluminum bleachers.

Choose from Our 5-Row Bleachers

Our five-row elevated aluminum bleachers are popular with schools and colleges and provide a wide selection of seating capacities. From aluminum bleacher models designed to hold up to 54 people to those meant for a capacity of 94, we have it all. Our elevated aluminum bleachers are fully IBC compliant and offer a front walkway that is elevated 30” above grade with two sets of steps off each end of the walkway. These elevated aluminum bleachers have double footboards and risers on all rows, a 5-foot wide aisle with handrail, and a rail system on sides, front and back.

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