Sightlines Athletic Facilities accepts returns within 30 days of shipment.

Sightlines Athletic Facilities is not responsible for lost or damaged material. It is the receiver’s responsibility to count the number of packages delivered against the number of pieces shown on the delivery receipt. Make sure all bundles, pallets & boxes are intact and check for a shipping label on all packages. If you find a package that is not labeled please note this on your receipt. It is also the receiver’s responsibility to check for any visible damage to your material. If you find a discrepancy in the number of packages or find damage to the material this must be noted on the delivery receipt before it is signed.

If while unpacking material you find concealed damages, keep all boxes and packing materials and contact Sightlines Athletic Facilities within 48 hours of the receipt of delivery. If you find a shortage while unpacking call Sightlines Athletic Facilities as soon as possible. Please refer to the blue bill of material that is attached to one of your packages when reporting shortages or damages. The corresponding number on the bill of material will help both parties to identify the parts.

We will accept returns within 30 days. Customers are responsible for the return shipping costs and arrangements. There will be a 10% restocking fee and a charge for any damaged materials received.